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We've Moved!

Hey Roots! Yes, I know it's been quite some time but we ALL need a reboot right? Especially after the last couple of years. Yes, I've had my books blocked off and took off the end of last year, but trust me a mini vacay was exactly what I needed to come back full speed. Life happens to all of us so fast and with that being said, I wanted to update you on Rooted's latest news. We've moved! Yes you heard me right. For some of you that have been with Rooted since 2017 and earlier, you are already familiar with the location. We decided to join our old team back at 906 Madison Street in Oak Park, Il 60302 at Adore Me Hair Studio which is not too far from our old Salon Suites. Tren, who owns the Salon sells handmade wigs and specializes in weaves. Carli, like myself is a Natural stylist that promotes her hair growth products. There is also Kia,who is an amazing Lash Technician.The greatest thing about joining the team again, is the support and professionalism of each artist at Adore Me. I am so delighted to join my old friends again and even more excited for so many new things happening not just for Rooted but for me personally. During my vacation I took a lot of time to self reflect and destress and it helped my mental state and clarity so much. New year and a new chapter and I am looking forward to going through life with you guys.I am humbly grateful for everyone that has supported Rooted at every stage of our growth. Please be sure to give us a rating and take full advantage of our Loyalty Program. See you soon and Stay Rooted!

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