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(She is.)Rooted



Empowering women to create meaningful connections with themselves and their community 

(She is) Rooted is dedicated to building resiliency and empowering diverse women to create meaningful connections with themselves and their community through the cooperative sharing of creative endeavors. 


(She is) Rooted began as a mission to create connection among women in a too often divided world. Hosting events where groups of women learn new skills at local businesses, (She is) Rooted is unique because our team of facilitators is made up of skilled therapists who specialize in creating safety and intimacy--without these building blocks, vulnerability cannot exist, the key ingredient for real connections and friendships to be made. 

Connections with others is only half of the equation for becoming happier, healthier, more resilient versions of ourselves. The other half is learning to give ourselves the love we need and deserve. We are the givers and the caretakers of the world; we are sisters, daughters, non-profit owners and employees; we are wives and mothers; we give until we have nothing left, and then we continue giving because it is the “right” thing to do. We give and we care-take because we are women, and this is the role we were raised into. In a world that expects us to give so much of ourselves, it is easy to lose ourselves, or to perhaps never quite know who we are outside of what others want and expect us to be. (She is) Rooted empowers women to share strength and validate our need for space-space to breath; space to be angry, sad, or peaceful; space to be a paradox and space to be enough, just as we are, in this moment, and every moment moving forward. 


Business Structure

Our facilitators are a part of a women's cooperative that shares profits equally to benefit the people doing the work and help women build a work-life balance. Furthermore, (She is) Rooted is dedicated to funding people across socio-economic levels to benefit all. "We all do better when we all do better." -Wellstone If you are interested in becoming a part of our team of facilitators, please contact us here: Become a Facilitator


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