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Who Is Missy Robinson?


I always knew that my life had a bigger purpose and that I was meant to make a change. As a little girl, I loved the idea of making people feel better about themselves, from styling to hair and esthetics. I began to offer services to family members everytime we connected. My big sister Nicole, convinced me to jumpstart my career in the beauty industry and doing so opened up a completely new door of opportunities for me. I finally felt like "THIS IS WHERE I BELONG" and I hit the ground running! After receiving my Cosmetology License, I began to evolve in every aspect of my life and especially my clientele catering to more Natural based clients. I couldn't believe how fast God was changing everything that I thought could not happen for me, unbirthing so many negative ideas I had about myself and how my life would turn out, especially being a teen Mom. I had to unlearn everything I thought I knew and plant a new seed, thus the name ROOTED was birthed. Rooted became more than hair, it was an internal awakening that people needed. From Hair services that turned into therapy sessions to self care, Rooted became a place people could call Home.


As a business owner, Rooted's top priorities are my clients and providing exceptional customer service. I pride myself on listening to clients uncover their unique needs to live happier, healthier lives all while achieving their hair goals. Rooted Cosmetics was birthed in March of 2019, offering products that aid in hair health and self-care. From a Hair Diary to Handmade Satin Bonnets to Organic Hair Oil, CrownedByRooted  is a backpack bundle for those struggling through their hair journey. I plan to change the Beauty Industry by providing excellent customer service and reintroducing self-care.


My Motto: "When you choose Rooted, you are choosing to love yourself!"

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