HERstory began as a little girl, styling her barbies from sunrise to sunset. Melissa always knew that her life had a bigger purpose and she is grateful to now be living in it.

After working one dead-end job after another, her older sister convinced her to go after her dream and attend Beauty School. Doing so opened up exciting new opportunities and emotions. It was during this time, that she finally felt like she was in the right place. Overall she loves helping her clients look and feel beautiful.

After receiving her license as a cosmetologist, Melissa also began to grow spiritually, physically, and mentally thus the name Rooted became her trademark. Rooted was more than hair, it was an internal awakening that she felt people needed. From therapy sessions to self-care, Rooted became a place people could call home. Melissa’s number one priorities are her clients and the desire to make them happy, She prides herself on listening to them to uncover their unique needs.

Rooted Cosmetics was birthed in March of 2019, Offering products that aid in hair health and self-care. From a Hair Diary to Handmade Satin Bonnets, Rooted Cosmetics is a backpack bundle for those struggling through their hair journey. Melissa plans to change the Beauty Industry by providing exceptional customer service and reintroducing self-care. When you choose Rooted, you are choosing to love yourself!